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Stefana Batorego 37
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School was founded March 2, 1945. After another change seats, in 1952, the school received a new building on the Stefan Batory street in 1937, which is located in the center of Chorzów-Batory. The name Mechanical - Electrical Technical Vocational School was used the longest and, since September 2002, it has operated under the name of the Technical Secondary School No. 3

Our School is located in a spacious, well-maintained building. We have a number of the subject studios, modern professional information technology studios, electrical engineering and electronics, mechatronics - equipped with Dell PCs and Apple Mac, the latest measuring equipment and sets to perform the exercises and a library with a reading website.

Team Sports database is a playground, a gym with a new type of surface and aerobic training and a gym. Highly qualified teachers provide pupils with the opportunity to develop their own interests and students are prepared to undertake further study at universities or work. We have obtained Quality Certificate "School of Entrepreneurship."

We are currently training in two types of schools: V High School and Technical School of Mechanics - Electrical in such occupations as:

  • electrician (specialties: power electronics, electric power, electrical, machinery, electrical);
  • mechatronics technician (specializations: electronics and automation, computer aided design CAD);
  • IT technician (specializations: administration of network operating systems, database management systems, web applications, computer graphics).

Foreign languages: English, German and Italian. In cooperation with the partner city of Chorzow - Termoli , we organize for students weekly trips to Italy and the exchange of students with a school in Limburg (Germany).

There is very good atmosphere, which makes that a lot of our graduates’ children decide to learn at our school. Multi-annual survey among students and parents indicate a high sense of security within the walls of our school.

Tradition of the school is conducting sport classes. Developed forms of cooperation with schools in Chorzow ,sports clubs, "Ruch Chorzow SSA" (football) and NTP OCZKO CHORZOW (boys volleyball) allow students to develop sporting talents, which is confirmed by the careers of our graduates, some of which are Olympic gold medalists - Jan Benigier, Zygmunt Maszczyk, Dariusz Gęsior, the national team coach - Anthony Piechniczek and 31 Polish champions at football, handball, fencing, acrobatics and boeing.

We participate in the following projects: the University of Silesia - "Partners in Science", Silesian School of Entrepreneurship - Simulation Company - real powers, "BUSINESS CENTER 1 -" University of Core Competencies ". We organize meetings with representatives of the University of Silesia, Silesian University of Technology and other universities in our region. We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities:

  • alive speech classes, journalistic classes, Italian lovers classes, historic classes, Chemical SOS, a young naturalist classes, geopolitical classes,Math classes, school cinema Ultima Thule, bicycle trips, theater – music classes as well as DIY – Electronics classes;
  • sports classes (football volleyball, basketball);
  • a group of volunteers supporting kindergarten kids, a group of volunteers cooperating with the Association for the family (the organizers of the annual staff GOCC);
  • additional courses in selected subjects for students capable of and requiring the assistance of additional classes for students of secondary school.;
  • there is a cheerleaders team, students are able to operate the school radio "Solution" and present their literary and journalistic talents in the school newspaper "trio".

We are a school of the future.


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